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Why Use Verilux VT 43?

Moderate exposure to the natural sunlight has far-reaching benefits to the body and our state of the mind.

Some of its good benefits include boosting happiness hormones called Serotonin to make you feel happier, rejuvenated and more alert.

These factors cumulatively make you more productive in life.

Natural sunlight also increases the production of a special and crucial vitamin D in our bodies.

This is responsible for stronger and healthier bones. There are many benefits of moderate sunlight which go further to boosting the quality of your sleep and consequently decrease stress.

A minimum of 30 minutes of exposure to sunlight is what experts recommend to reap these benefits. Well, we have tight schedules and more commitments in life.

This may reap our time to absorb sunlight. That is where Verilux VT43 Luxe 10,000 LED Bright White Light Therapy Lamp comes in to solve all these problems as a perfect substitute to the natural sunlight.

With Verilux VT43, you can still reap the benefits of sunlight from the comfort of your home, office or workplace. So, what exactly is this Verilux VT43 and it’s benefits?

What Are The Benefits Of Verilux VT 43?

Verilux VT 43 provides you with the benefits of sunlight through light therapy. These benefits include improved quality sleep, increased mental activity and alertness, and enhanced mood. All these benefits will help boost your productivity while keeping you happy and healthy.

Verilux VT43 is a time saver

Since you can use the lamp while you perform other activities at home or office. It is designed to deliver the right amount of light intensity which allows you to reap the benefits of sunlight without harmful sunlight UV rays.

Healthy Lightning Company designed the Verilux VT 43 not just to suit your needs, but it is also environmentally friendly.

You won’t risk your eyes

\Verilux VT 43 is authentic having passed globally recognized tests. It is glare-free, flicker-free and hot-spot free.

It offers safe and natural light therapy that has been tested by many customers and proven to be worth every penny.

It is non invasive, drug-free, and portable.

Its compacts lightweight design makes it a portable item to move around with. You can enjoy light therapy benefits wherever you are since it also has a detachable stand.

This is an ideal light therapy lamp for people working in offices and other places that can be deprived of sunlight.

Verilux VT43 is customizable

The fact that it is customizable makes this lamp a solid choice for everyone. It has a cool blend of four brightness levels and three adjustable color settings for you to customize to your needs.

And, it is extremely easy to operate the Verilux VT43.

Features of Verilux VT 43

Verilux VT 43 is a cool lamp outfitted with varied cutting-edge features. It has a special design to fully deliver the effects of light therapy. It has adjustable brightness, color, and a countdown timer.

Here is a comprehensive list of technical features that make Verilux VT 43 the perfect product to suit your light therapy needs.

  • It is UV free
  • It delivers up to 10,000 LUX of lights
  • It has a countdown timer. You can time the duration of the light therapy with ease
  • It has a compact and lightweight design
  • It has Detachable stand
  • It has a wall mount structure. This makes it simple to fix it anywhere in your room, home or office
  • It is flicker-free and glare-free
  • It has four brightness setting.
  • It has 3 color selection options
  • It is hot-spot free.

How Do You Use Verilux VT 43?

So, what time of day should you use the Verilux VT43?

It is recommended that you use the Verilux VT 43 light therapy lamp within four hours after you get up from bed in the morning. You can also use it for about 10 to 15 minutes immediately after taking your lunch.

Where should you put/setup your Verilux Vt43

Make sure to mount Verilux VT43 properly To ensure maximum reception of light during your light therapy sessions with Verilux VT 43 lamp.

The recommended location should be up to 24 inches from your face to ensure maximum light therapy sessions and avoid over-lighting of your skin.

This ensures a maximum reception of up to 10,000 tux of comfortable and beneficial light therapy while avoiding heat damage.

How long should you use Verilux VT43 for your Light therapy session?

It is recommended that you use Verilux VT43 for 20 to 60 minutes at a time. Remember the closer you place the Verilux VT43 to your face the less time you will take to reap maximum light therapy benefits.

Similarly, the further away you place it the longer you will take to reap the benefits of its 10,000 Lux of light.

How to customize your Verilux VT 43

Choose Comfortable Brightness Levels while customizing the Verilux VT 43 light therapy lamp. Adjust the lamp to levels that will not be too bright to cause negative effects to your eyes.

If you have had eye problems before, you will have to be carefully customizing it since too much light might have mild to far-reaching consequences to your eyes.

Also, choose the right color setting for your needs from the color options available to your. With these three levels of color settings and 4 brightness levels, everyone can find a Verilux VT43 customization that works for them.

What Comes In Verilux VT43 Product Box?

Verilux VT 43 light therapy lamp comes with a user manual to guide you through its use, maintenance and key features of the product

Pros of the Verilux VT43

From personal experiences and numerous customer reviews who pride in its substantial benefits, we are bold enough to report that Verilux VT 43 has amazing benefits which include:

  • A wonderful 10,000 LUX of full-spectrum experience. Such features include LED and UV free light. This makes it a comfortable and safe light therapy device.
  • It is customizable. The three-color settings and special four brightness levels make it easy to adjust between these light blends to comfortably suit your light therapy sessions.
  • It delivers maximum light exposure within a short amount of time.
  • It has a tablet design.
  • It’s operation is simplified by a countdown timer
  • It can be used anywhere at any time. Whether home, office or out of the home. Perhaps on a trip!
  • It offers maximum comfort and safety since it is glare-free, hot-spot-free and flicker-free
  • Improves mental activity and keeps you alert and more productive
  • It is affordable. Given all the special features and benefits it delivers, It’s easy to see why we consider Verilux VT43 to be an affordable, solid, light therapy device.

Cons of the Verilux VT43

Despite its dozens of benefits, we have these downsides that call for improvement and we wish to mention them.

  • It is not chargeable since it is not designed to be powered by a battery. You will have to plug it in a power outlet for it to operate
  • Some users mention that it is not as durable as they expected

Verilux VT 43 Vs. Other Verilux Products

The first thing to note is that Verilux VT 43 light therapy lamp is relatively expensive as compared to other Verilux products. This owes to its special features that other products may not have. The difference between Verilux VT43 and other verilux products is not substantial.

Verilux VT43 (Luxe) VS Verilux VT22 (Lucent)

Verilux VT 43 proves to be easily personalized and customizable. Verilux products like Lucent have restricted specifications on their light therapy features. Verilux VT22 (lucent) does not have adjustable brightness settings while verilux vt43 (luxe) has adjustable brightness and color levels.

Verilux VT43 Luxe VS Verilux Touch VS Verilux Lumi VS Verilux VT 22 Lucent

Verilux VT 43 light therapy lamp is the only Verilux product with a countdown timer while Verilux Touch, Verilux Lumi and Verilux Lucent does not have the countdown timer.

This makes the operation of other verilux products a little complicated since one has to use manual timing for light therapy sessions.

When it comes to light therapy session timing, Verilux VT 43 beats all the other Verilux products since you can easily time it to suit the right and recommended light therapy sessions time.

All Verilux products, however, including Lumi, Lucent, Touch, and Verilux VT 43 UV free. They are comfortable to use and does not inflict invasions and dangers on the skin.


Verilux VT 43 light therapy lamp is a cool Verilux product that remains a solid choice. From our own personal experience and what thousands of other customers say, Verilux VT 43 is hailed for its unique and exclusive features.

It is a perfect light therapy lamp suitable for anyone anywhere. Be it home, travel, or workplace offices. Verilux is a product that never disappoints and delivers it’s maximum potential. I dare you to open your doors to a comfortable, enjoyable light therapy experience.

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