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Sunlight plays an essential role in ensuring that every human has a healthy lifestyle, but a lot of us don’t get enough daylight. That’s why people need the Verilux Happy-Light Lumi VT31 therapy lamp as an important and alternative source of light since it mimics sunlight.

Happy-Light Lumi LED light therapy lamp supplies you customizable light therapy whenever you need it.

The unit comes with a special Optix Glare Control lens designed to get rid of any uncomfortable glare and hot spots. This helps you to enjoy well measured and evenly distributed therapy light.

The unique, sleek, and lightweight, portable tablet provides you up to 3 levels of brightness that you need to use in your home, office, dormitory, or trip.

Like any other HappyLight therapy lamps, this Verlilux vt 31 delivers you with controlled LED Bright white light at up to 10,000 lux, which helps to improve and boost your mood, energy, focus, and also standardize your sleep without any harmful UV rays.

Benefits of using the Verilux HappyLight Lumi VT31 Therapy Lamp

Inadequate exposure to natural sunlight can cause mood changes and sleep disorders in people. If you expose yourself to bright light daily and at the appropriate time, your overall well being will experience the following benefits:

Improved Sleep

Exposing yourself to Verilux VT 31 therapy bright light just after you wake up helps to stimulate your body hormones, and that improves your healthy lifestyle as well as your sleep and wake patterns.

Improves Mood

When you regularly use light therapy lamps, it helps to fight against tiredness, which is commonly linked to your mood. This also combats the effects associated with jet lag shift or work. So, the right amount of therapy light, improves your mood.

Boosts Energy

The use of this Happy Light Lumi light therapy lamp causes the enhancers of the body’s natural energy to limit sluggishness and weariness. This enables you to stay alert and productive in whatever you engage in.

Enhances Focus

With the full spectrum light of 10,000 lux delivered in your office, apartment, dorm or home, this Verilux VT31 Therapy Lumi helps in making you have a feeling of focus and revitalization. Also, it lifts spirits, sharpens concentration and boosts energy levels.

Eases Usability

The compact shape design and small footprint make it easy to set, handle, and place in a convenient spot, be it on a table or hooked to the wall. Switching to any one of the 3 available brightness levels to gradually increase the intensity of its light is easy.

This includes using its Flicker Elimination Technology & Optix Glare Control to enable the light to be as comfortable to your eyes as required.

How Light Therapy Works

Light affects the chemistry of our brains and body activity and also stimulates our hormones and neurotransmitters which greatly influences the way we feel about our well-being.

When we get exposed to bright light early on during the day, it stimulates our bodies to create serotonin, therefore improving our mood and happiness.

It also helps to regulate melatonin in the evening and that boosts sleep. Incorporating a Happy Light to your daily lifestyle is a way to stimulate the natural production of these essential hormones which keep your body and senses at their best.

Features of Verilux Happy Light Lumi VT31 Therapy lamp

  • Adjustable Brightness: The lamp features 3 brightness levels that you can operate according to your needs.

  • Equally Distributed LED Light: It consists of glare-free, flicker-free, and hot spot free bright light with 74 LED lights.

  • User-friendly therapy lamp: The buttons are an on/off soft-touch technology with adjustable brightness. It’s touch-sensitive and makes usability simple and easy.

  • Portable and long-lasting stand: Get a detachable stand to place the tablet design pack on either a flat surface or wall in no time and conveniently. Transport it to any place easily.

  • Eyes & Skin Safe technology: With a full spectrum, UV-free light, the device is safe to use as per internationally certified vision safety test results. Note that tinted glasses limit the amount of light that goes into your eyes.

How to use the Verilux HappyLight Lumi VT31 Therapy Lamp

Using your HappyLight Therapy Lamp has been made simple by the touch control feature that enables you to easily customize your light therapy experience to enjoy full comfort and the required results.

This gets your selection saved automatically for your convenience once you turn your lights off.

Time of Day

Within 4 hours of getting out of bed, switch on your HappyLight Lumi light therapy lamp as a way of mimicking morning sunlight.

Also, in place of taking your usual second afternoon cup of coffee after lunch, you can rather use those 10-15 minutes basking in your HappyLight Lumi light therapy lamp.

Choose a Spot

Pick a place to place your HappyLight Lumi light therapy lamp and make sure you follow the recommended placement of up to 6 inches but at about 24 inches of your face. 20-60 minutes are enough to benefit you as the unit will release on you a bright light of up to 10,000 lux.

Positioning your body

Make sure to leave your eyes open. Stay oriented to the direction of the light and be free to engage on any other activities like writing, reading, hobbies, sewing, make-up application or any other work at your desk or computer.

To make it more effective, position it off-center and avoid looking directly into it. Note that tinted glasses limit the amount of light that goes into your eyes.


The 3 levels of adjustable brightness your HappyLight Lumi comes with the help you to customize your usage and the experience you get from using the light lamp.

You can therefore maximize your convenience and comfort by selecting the exact settings that will satisfy you at any given time and place.

Touch Control

Pick a comfortable choice between 3 different brightness levels according to what you want. If you set it on the brightest level and it’s uncomfortable, go back to the lowest setting and begin working your way up until the full 10,000 lux if that’s what is suitable for you.

Increasing the brightness enables you to reach your maximum daily dose of healthy light quickly.

Wall Mount Option

Your HappyLight Therapy Lamp features a fitting keyhole mount on its back. If you prefer to mount the lamp on the wall instead of positioning it on its foot stand on a flat surface, follow these steps:

  • Fix the stand to the back of your therapy lamp
  • Fully insert its power adapter plug in the adapter
  • socket
  • Align the keyhole mount to the appropriate fixture and make sure it holds the lamp securely to the wall as per its weight.
  • Position your lamp on the fixture and let it settle into its keyhole mount.

In order for you to determine the degree of your sensitivity to the light your lamp delivers, we advise you to perform this pretest the first time you use your Happy Light Therapy Lamp.

Step 1 – Turn the lamp on and position it around 18 inches from your face. Make sure you don’t look straight into the lamp light.

Step 2 – Allocate 10 minutes for operating your lamp and then switch it off. If you felt any discomfort in the 10 minutes pretest, don’t use the lamp again and consult a doctor.

But if you experienced no discomfort, you can increase the brightness bit by bit while reducing your distance from the position of the lamp and making your usage time longer.

What Comes in Verilux VT31 Box

With a dimensions of 9h X 5.6w X 0.5d, your brand new 1 lbs Verilux HappyLight Lumi VT31 therapy lamp comes packaged in a box alongside:

  • A detachable stand
  • Power adapter plug

Pros of Verilux VT31

  • 10,000 lux full spectrum light with no exposure to harmful UV rays or LED.
  • 3 brightness settings, Flicker Elimination Technology & Optix Glare Control users to maximize your comfort.
  • It’s user-friendly and includes touch control technology.
  • Compact and lightweight design makes it portable.
  • Easy to set up detachable stand and keyhole for wall mount.
  • Provides more light for power and faster results.
  • Significantly improves mood, enhances sleep, boosts energy and mental clarity.

Cons of Verilux VT31

  • The design doesn’t allow for any wireless charging or use. It only operates when plugged into a power socket.
  • Certain users may consider that its size isn’t big enough for their use.


After using this LED Bright Light Therapy Lamp, with its adjustable brightness, we were quite impressed. Apart from the premium quality, simple and sleek design, we found that the Verilux HappyLight VT31 Lumi is very easy to use.

The advanced technologies for minimizing glare and flicker also increased how impressed we felt.

In the same way, as in reviews from verified customers, we felt a great improvement and boost in our mood, sleep, energy and mental clarity.

Unlike other lamps, we also found that the Verlilux vt 31 does deliver amazing results, and much quicker than many other models of therapy light lamps.

If you’re considering getting a light therapy experience worth it, we highly recommend that you invest in Verilux HappyLight VT31 Lumi as it comes with 10,000 Lux LED Bright Light Therapy Lamp, including an adjustable brightness feature.

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