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This detailed review will tell you everything you need to know about Timer Plus Smart Light Therapy Glasses. But, before we delve into this light therapy glasses, let’s consider why you should read this review all the way to the end.

What to Consider in a Light Therapy Device

Trying to find the perfect light therapy technology can be difficult, especially for those who are new to the practice of light therapy. With so many different types of technology available, it is often hard to choose something that is both versatile and cost-efficient.

It is important that someone who intends to buy something related to light therapy knows as much about the product as they can before making a purchase. Even more so, a person should also be aware of what they want in a product relating to light therapy.

Factors such as the type of light and the ways in which the product can be used, as well as the effects that the technology can provide are necessary to consider when buying a product for light therapy. The process can be confusing for anyone, so having a product to base their search process off of can be helpful in making a decision regarding which type of light therapy technology a person should buy.

Timer Plus Smart Light Therapy Glasses are Excellent for Traveling

For people that are new to the process of light therapy, or those that are well-versed in the practice but need to find a way to incorporate it into their travel routine, Timer Plus Smart Light Therapy Glasses are both useful and inexpensive. With its compact design, it makes the process of using light therapy while traveling much easier.

Timer Plus Light Therapy glasses folded on a table
Timer Plus Light Therapy glasses folded on a table

Timer Plus Smart Light Therapy Glasses are PERFECT for Light Therapy Beginners

For those that are unsure about whether or not they want to receive light therapy, these glasses are great for beginners. With the thought of stepping into a light therapy unit potentially being daunting to someone who hasn’t used one before, the glasses are small and easy to use, easing any worries that a person might have towards trying light therapy for the first time.

Along with its easily-manageable size, the exposure to such light isn’t as intense as a light therapy unit, but the effects of using it are still the same. As a result, a person is able to reap the benefits of using a light therapy unit without all of the hassle that would come from trying to use one.

Timer Plus Smart Light Therapy Glasses are for Seasoned Light Therapy Users

The usefulness of the glasses extends beyond those that are beginners towards light therapy, and can be used in a myriad of settings. Even if a person is an avid user of technology in regards to light therapy, the glasses are both effective and convenient for those who are looking for a way to experience the benefits of light therapy while going about their day-to-day activities.

Timer Plus Smart Light Therapy Glasses Boosts Energy

Those that use the glasses are able to experience a wide variety of personal benefits. They have been known to help increase a person’s energy, which is great for those whose lifestyles are heavily concentration-centered. Any increases in energy can improve a person’s cognitive function as well, making a regularly productive routine much easier.

Timer Plus Smart Light Therapy Glasses Helps with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Timer Plus light therapy glasses open and showing charging port on left side.
Timer Plus light therapy glasses open and showing charging port on left side.

The effects of light therapy also include the management of other mentally-draining conditions such as SAD (seasonal affective disorder), which allows for individuals that suffer from it to live a life that isn’t as controlled by their disorder.

Timer Plus Smart Light Therapy Glasses Helps With Sleeping Disorders

Use of the glasses has also been known to aid sleep regulation. Regardless of the issue, light therapy has proven to help those who have reported any problems with their sleeping patterns. The glasses are able to help reset a person’s circadian rhythm to its natural state, improve the quality of sleep and reduce the symptoms of jet lag as well as fatigue.

Timer Plus Smart Light Therapy Glasses are Flexible

One of the main features of the glasses is that its structure is hands-free. Due to this, a person has the freedom to go about any activities that they may have had planned without worrying about the glasses obstructing them as they do so. Unlike most light therapy technology, a person is able to freely move around with no issues whatsoever. The glasses are small and compact, which means that they can be worn around the house or packed for any form of travel.

Timer Plus Smart Light Therapy Glasses Can be Used with Contact Glasses

For those that need glasses or contacts, the glasses are non-obstructive. This is beneficial due to the fact that a person who is visually impaired would not have to remove their glasses/contacts while using the glasses. Its non-obstructive design is ultimately one of its most important features. The fact that its design is inclusive to anyone who is visually-impaired makes it one of the most diverse pieces of light therapy technology.

Timer Plus Smart Light Therapy Glasses can Switch Between Red and Blue Light

Its versatile nature is also one of the major pros that the glasses possess. With the push of a button, a person can easily switch the glasses from displaying blue light to red light. The process of switching the type of light being emitted is extremely simple, which is a useful aspect of the product design. Few other types of light therapy technology offer multiple types of light emission, making the glasses more unique than similarly-advertised light therapy units.

To use the glasses, all that a person would have to do would simply be to press a button on the side of the glasses. The first time that the button is pressed causes the glasses to display blue light, which is meant to help a person with concentration, energy and similar brain functions. The button can then be pressed again to emit red light, which people can use for correcting any issues they may have with sleep regulation. Pressing the button a third time turns off the glasses.

How to Charge Timer Plus Smart Light Therapy Glasses

What comes in Timer Plus Light Therapy Glasses Box
What comes in Timer Plus Light Therapy Glasses Box

The glasses are charged with a micro-USB cable, which comes with them. Although, in the event where the micro-USB cable is lost, it can be replaced rather inexpensively due to the fact that the glasses do not have an exclusive charging port that would only work with the cable that came with them upon purchase. The warranty period for the glasses is exactly one year.

How to Use the Timer Plus Smart Light Therapy Glasses

In terms of general use, the glasses themselves are meant to be worn for about an hour in the mornings and/or evenings depending on which effects the person using them is hoping to receive as well as which color light is being displayed. It also comes with a protective case that doubles as a power bank, making them even easier to travel with.

Pros of Timer Plus Smart Light Therapy Glasses

One of the major pros of these glasses are its design. The glasses are light, compact and hands-free, which makes them perfect for people who don’t want to spend a long period of time in front of a light therapy unit. Not only is the structural design of the glasses efficient, but the technological design of the glasses is as well.

Unlike other technology associated with light therapy, no outside downloads are necessary. Apps and software can be a hassle to deal with while trying to set up any newly-acquired technology, but the glasses don’t require any miscellaneous software to be downloaded. This makes the setup and maintenance of the glasses much easier, since interaction with outside software wouldn’t need to occur.

Cons of Timer Plus Smart Light Therapy Glasses

Relatively few cons have been reported for the glasses. Although they are able to be used in a variety of activities due to their non-intrusive design, there are still limitations to their use. As Expected, the glasses cannot be worn while the user is driving.

Although this restriction technically does not follow the claims made that the glasses could be worn while doing any activity, the fact that they cannot be worn while driving is a conscious safety precaution, which should not be treated as a limitation.

There aren’t many other “cons” that were explicitly mentioned besides the fact that users cannot wear them while driving. However, some customers did report that while the glasses themselves worked normally, they did not experience the benefits of the light therapy that they offered.

Most of the existing complaints were skeptical of the red light function of the glasses, claiming to have not experienced any benefits towards sleep regulation that the red light emitted by the glasses was supposed to provide.

Some also claimed that the nose-piece of the glasses were uncomfortable. Apart from what was previously mentioned, few other qualms presented themselves.


Overall, the Timer Plus Smart Light Therapy Glasses are a great investment, regardless of one’s familiarity with the practice of light therapy. Their compact and lightweight design makes them perfect for travel or for things as simple as at-home activities.

They are easy to use, which makes them a useful tool for people that may not know much about light therapy. They make the process of exposing oneself to light therapy much less of a hassle than operating a light therapy unit would be.

Its versatile nature is also one of the main benefits of the glasses, as they can be switched from emitting blue light to red light with the simple push of a button. Rather than having to use two separate light therapy machines for the different types of light, both can easily be displayed from the glasses.

From the internal technology of the glasses to their external structure, the glasses are unique in their versatility. The glasses are great for just about anyone, regardless of their familiarity with light therapy as a whole.

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