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Re-timer light therapy glass makes you look sci-fi

You might have experienced “delayed sleep phase” which is when you find it difficult to fall asleep before midnight. This means that your probably struggle with waking up early for work or school. 


you might have experienced “advanced sleep phase” which means you feel very sleepy around 6 or 7pm. You almost have to force yourself to stay awake until later in the night. And, if you can’t force yourself to stay awake, you will end up going to bed around 7pm which causes you to wake up around 3am. Waking up around 3am will make you fatigue by 6am and consequently affect your day-to-day life.

Anybody that has experienced delayed sleep phase or advanced sleep phase or any other sleep problems might be on the search for a solution to their sleep problems. Well, if you have been searching for a non-invasive solution to your sleep problems, then the re-timer light therapy glass might just be right for you. This re-timer light therapy glass review will tell you how it works and how it helps you with sleep. This detailed review covers the original re-timer glasses and the re-timer generation 2 light therapy glasses.

Benefits of Re-timer Light Therapy Glasses

Re-timer light therapy glass being worn over glasses

Re-timer light therapy glasses helps you to re-establish a healthy sleep schedule. It helps you to manage sleep rhythm.

So, what exactly is sleep rhythm?

Sleep rhythm is what we call the internal body clock. The sleep rhythm affects the timing of all other body rhythms. Your internal body clock being synchronized with night and day is the key to overall positive sleep health. Light therapy can really help you maintain a healthy sleep cycle.

Lack of sleep due to insufficient exposure to light causes our body to lack the energy for peak performance during the day. 60 minutes of light therapy like the one provided by Re-timer light therapy glasses can really help to reset your bodily clock so that you can sleep very well.

Why is it important to maintain a good sleep rhythm?

The body becomes more awake and alert when it senses light. If your body is not exposed to light at the right time for various reasons, then this will confuse your body. This confusion will cause the body to be unable to sleep when you want to sleep and not be able to stay awake when you want to stay awake. Lack of sleep also contributes to low mood.

What are some things that contribute to improper sleep cycle?

Some things that contribute to improper sleep includes long winter months. Long winter months can confuse the body’s internal clock because you are not exposed to sunlight during the day. This is what some people refer to as winter blues or seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Re-timer light therapy glass power button
Re-timer light therapy glass charging port
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What cause jet lag?

Jet lag is typically caused when your internal body clock is out of sync with your new time zone. Light therapy helps you to re-adjust to normal sleep pattern after experiencing jet lag. Traveling east might make it harder to fall asleep at night, and traveling west can cause you to experience interrupted sleep. Re-timer light therapy glass helps you to stay awake when you arrive at your destination after a long flight.

What does interrupted sleep feel like?

Interrupted sleep typically means waking up throughout the night, difficult staying asleep, and this leaves you feeling tired too early in the day. Wearing a light therapy glass like the one from re-timer can really help you to re-adjust your internal clock no matter where you are traveling to.

How can re-timer help you with jet lag?

So, how should people experiencing traveling use re-timer light therapy glass? Wearing Re-timer light therapy glass for 60 minutes 3 days before departure and 3 days after arrival is the optimal way to maintain your internal clock. You can go here to check out the re-timer jet lag calculator and get your customized jet lag program.

What causes fatigue in shift workers?

If you are a shift worker, then you probably sleep during the day and work at night. This sleep work schedule is contrary to your natural body sleep rhythm. This unnatural sleep cycle can cause you to be fatigue during your night shift.

How re-timer light therapy glasses helps you with shift work fatigue

Wearing the re-timer light therapy glass can help you with shift working by delaying your sleep time as you prepare for your night shift. Due to delayed sleep, you will be able to stay awake at work, go to bed at your desired time after work, and wake up earlier the next day. Wearing re-timer light therapy glass for 60 minutes before going to bed 2 nights before your first night shift will help to adjust your body to night shift work schedule.

Features and Technical Specifications of Re-timer Light Therapy Glasses

Re-timer light therapy glass light intensity and charging light indicator

How to charge and turn re-timer light therapy glasses on/off

Pressing the little button on the right side of the glass turns the glasses on and allows you to change the light intensity. Pressing the power button twice allows the lights to go to full power. The re-timer light therapy glass comes with a micro-usb charger and charging port.

How to use the re-timer light therapy glasses

It is recommended that you use the re-timer light therapy glasses for 60 minutes per day for 7 days. These light therapy glasses weigh as much as your sunglasses, so they are very light weight and portable. You can do house chores like eating, watching TV, washing dishes while wearing the re-timer light therapy glass.

What makes re-timer light therapy glasses unique from other glasses?

Re-timer light therapy glass delivers light from a different angle. Unlike the Ayo, pegasi 2, luminette light therapy glasses that deliver light from above the glass, the retimer light therapy glass delivers light from below the glass.

Re-timer light therapy glasses has an app.

Re-timer light therapy glass iOS app

The re-timer light therapy glass has a re-timer app but the app is only available in iOS. With the re-timer app, you can tell it when you want to be falling asleep. Based on the information you provide, it will tell you what time you should be wearing the glass and what time you should be getting up. It basically builds a custom program made just for you.

Technical specifications of re-timer light therapy glass.

SizeOne size fits all – 7.9” 5.5” x 2.2” or 200 x 140 x 55 mm
Inside widthFlexible, adjustable material – 170 mm
WeightLight weight – 2.64 ounces or 75 grams
Type of LightDiffuser covered lights – 4 LEDS, 0.1 Watts
Light WavelengthUV-free light – Green-blue 500 nm
Light PulseNot for people with epilepsy – 50 to 166 hertz
Life expectancyOver 10,000 hours
BatteryRechargeable – 3.7V, 200mAh
Battery life per chargeUp to 6 hours
Session Duration60 minutes sessions
Additional AccessoriesTravel case and Computer charging cord
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What do you get in a re-timer light therapy glass box?

Re-timer light therapy glass what comes in the box
  • Re-timer light therapy glasses case
  • A micro-usb charger for the glass
  • A manual for re-timer glasses and
  • The re-timer light therapy glasses.

PROS of the re-timer light therapy glasses

Some of the great things about the retimer light therapy glass are..

  • It is flexible –  can fit medium to large heads
  • It Comes with a travel case
  • It is very light weight
  • It helps to reset your internal clock
  • Re-timer company offers 60 days return policy if you don’t like the product
  • It helps people with insomnia
  • Re-timer company has great customer service

CONS of the re-timer light therapy glasses

Some of the not so great things about the re-timer light therapy glass are…

  • It may not work for everybody
  • The design is a bit awkward and un-traditional.
  • It may not fit everybody’s head and might be uncomfortable for some people to wear.

Personal Review Summary of the Re-timer Light Therapy Glasses

I like how easy it is to put the glasses on over your existing glasses. They may not be the most fashionable device in the world, but these are not the type of glass you will be wearing down the street. If you want glasses you can wear while walking down the street, then I recommend the ayo light therapy glasses.

Don’t wear them when driving or shortly before driving

I would recommend that you don’t wear this glass shortly before you go driving because after taking off the glasses, you get a bit of a blur around your eyes which could be dangerous for driving.

Re-timer light therapy glass

Non invasive light therapy option

One of the pros about these glasses is that it is all natural. You don’t have to take pills or any type of medication to help you sleep. So, this is basically a non-invasive sleep therapy. Some people might consider this pricey, but this is something you buy once and keep using forever.

Unlike pills that you have to keep buying and re-filling and the pills may not be good for your organs and body. And you have to keep taking pills for it to keep working, with this, you just use it for 7 days at the beginning, can stop using it anytime, and get back to using it again whenever you feel like it.

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