Northern Light Technology Boxelite Therapy Light Box Review

Northern Light Technology Boxelite 10000 Lux Bright Light Therapy Light Box Product Image

The Northern Light Technology Boxelite Therapy Light Box is an interesting product which has revolutionized the use of portable light which can be handled and carried everywhere. This source of light energy is superb and has gotten a lot of people talking. it is a product that a person should plan on buying especially if you plan on going camping or perhaps you are the kind of person who likes to spend time outdoors. For those who also have large yards and so have one or two things doing outside in the dark, the Northern Light Technology Boxelite Therapy Light Box is a good product to have and you can be sure that it is worth every penny of its value.


This light box is very strong as it comes in a durable metal casing with a strong and long power cable. It also comes with the bulbs which are replaceable in the event that one gets burnt. The manufacturers have made this box such that it comes in handy and ready to use. It also comes with a stand for those who would like to have it placed on a stand to avoid it crashing and breaking to pieces.


Northern Light Technology Boxelite 10000 Lux Bright Light Therapy Light Box In Use

The advantage of the Northern Light Technology Boxelite Light Therapy Box are very numerous. Firstly, it allows you to sit in any position you like and make use of a source of light which is very good and very bright. So that all that you are doing whether it is working on your computer, preparing dinner or even searching for something in the cellar or pantry, can be done with a very good and portable light source.

The product has also been designed and the design approved by the Canada standards association which regulates products and ensure they meet the standards required by government. The product is also made in Canada.  The product also has medical use and is therapeutic in nature. The human body is supposed to receive a generous amount of bright light on a daily basis to make the brain function optimally and brighten the mood to avoid depression.

The pressure of work and making ends meet can cause it such that a person finds it difficult to meet up with this requirement. This product by design offers 10,000 lux of light which has been diffused and the ultraviolet content blocked. Its advantages outweighs any perceived disadvantage.

This product is electronically powered which means you need to connect it to a power source for it to function. This might also be seen as a disadvantage because it would have been wonderful for it to be perhaps solar powered. That notwithstanding the therapeutic effect of using this light is wonderful for the human body.


This product is a wonderful product to have and those who have bought it have testified to the fact that it is a wonderful product. A must have for every family and a very wonderful way to keep our bodies in fine shape by getting the desired daily dose of light needed per day.

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