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The Luminette 3 light therapy glasses is the newest offering from Luminette – the premier maker of light therapy glasses. Launched in late 2019, these glasses are the successor to the popular Luminette 2 light therapy glasses.

This review will mostly focus on Luminette 3 light therapy glasses, but everything here also applies to the Luminette 2 light therapy glasses. Quickly, What is the difference between luminette 3 and luminette 2 light therapy glasses?

Luminette 3 vs Luminette 2 light therapy glasses

  • Luminette 3 light therapy glasses is 8 millimeters thinner than luminette 2
  • Luminette 3 is 15g lighter than luminette 2 and
  • Luminette 3 light therapy glasses has a more convenient on/off button compared to the luminette 2 light therapy glasses.

With that being said, let’s dive in and review Luminette light therapy glasses.

Who is the Luminette 3 therapy glasses for?

Luminette light therapy glass is designed for people who struggle with falling asleep, have jet lag, work at night, can’t fall back asleep after they wake up, and experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or winter blues. Let’s dive in and explore how Luminette light therapy glasses help you with all these problems.

Now that we have seen whom this product is for, let’s see what the key benefits of the luminette therapy glasses are

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Benefits of the Luminette 3 light therapy glasses.

How Luminette 3 light therapy glasses helps you with sleep problems.

People that have sleep problems such as not being able to fall asleep, waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to fall back asleep, work a grave yard (night) shift, can really benefit from luminette light therapy glasses.

The way the light therapy glasses work is that diffracted light is emitted from the glasses. This diffracted blue-white light enters the retina to activate the nerves responsible for our biological clock. This biological clock system is called the supra-chiasmic nucleus.

When the supra-chiasmic nucleus is activated, it stops the secretion of melatonin which is the sleep hormone. The decreased level of melatonin will cause a production of the energy boosting and wake hormones such as cortisol and dopamine.

This is why it is recommended to use the light therapy glasses in the morning. It will help you stay awake in the morning and help to boost your energy. By the time bed time rolls around again in the evening, your body will start producing high levels of melatonin which will cause you to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Continuous use of the luminette light therapy glasses will really help to reset your body and sleep cycle by keeping you awake when you need it the most which cause your body to produce melatonin later in the day when you are ready to sleep.

How Luminette 3 light therapy glasses helps you with seasonal affective disorder(SAD) or winter blues

If you experience winter blues or SAD, then this is probably caused by lack of light exposure. Most times, exposure to light therapy will help to alleviate the symptoms of winter blues. The luminette light therapy glasses provides light in the wavelength that is save for human eyes.

The light exposure from the luminette glasses provides an immediate boosting effect in energy. And, using the glasses everyday for about 4-7 days will result in long lasting effects in terms of positive mood and better sleep.

How Luminette 3 light therapy glasses helps frequent travelers

If you are a frequent traveler, then it is common to experience tiredness. You can curb and reduce this tiredness by using the luminette light therapy classes for as little as 30 minutes. It also comes with a case, so you can easily travel with this glasses when you need to. The case also has a space/pouch for you to store the micro USB charging cord.

The Luminette light therapy glass is convenient to use

The luminette light therapy glasses will save you time because you don’t have to sit in front of a light box in the morning. You can just put this glasses on and move on with your day.

While wearing the luminette light therapy glasses, you can work on your computer, watch tv, eat your food, brush your teeth, and fulfill your daily household chores. Even if you wear glasses or contact lenses, you can still wear the luminette light therapy glasses without impacting your vision.

The Luminette therapy glass has an app

The luminette light therapy glass has an app call “MyLuminette” which is a chronotherapy application developed by a chronotherapist. This app generates programs to help reshape your biological clock. Some of the programs it generates is designed to help you with light exposure, when to avoid light, melatonin level monitoring, and sleep cycle.

This app is available in google play store and iOS store.  The app for the Luminette doesn’t actually connect to the luminette glasses. But, it has a calender and is helpful for scheduling reminders for when to use the glasses, travel plans, and other features.

After looking at the benefits of the luminette 3 light therapy glasses, let’s look at the features of the the luminette light therapy glasses.

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Features of the Luminette 3 Light Therapy Glasses

The new Luminette 3 has a slimmer, lighter design than the two. With a thickness of only 0.39″ and weight of 0.42oz, you’ll barely feel like you’re wearing more than your regular everyday glasses.

The on/off button is conveniently located on the top right of the Luminette 3.

The Luminette 3 has three different intensities: 500, 1,000 and 1,500 LUX.

While this is less LUX than a SAD lamp will provide (up to 10,000 lux), studies have shown that the Luminette 3 is as beneficial as the higher LUX sad lamps.

This is due to the proximity. When you’re using a SAD lamp, the lamp is roughly an arms length away. Whereas the Luminette 3 is right in front of your eyes.

The Luminette 3 has increased battery life. It is strong enough to last up to 10 individual sessions. Length is going to be determined by the intensity setting you choose.

These are the features that make the Luminette 3 light therapy glasses unique.

Type of lightBlue-white light
Intensity level 3-levels (500, 1000, 1500 lux)
Battery expectancy1 charge gives you 10 sessions
Session duration 30 minutes
Light wavelength468nm
Size0.39 inches
Battery Type2 Lithium Metal batteries (included)
Weight1.69g or 0.42 ounces

What comes in the box?

When you buy the luminette 3 light therapy glass, this is what you get in the box.

  • The luminette glasses
  • A case for the luminette glasses
  • A US plug adapter
  • A micro USB cord for charging and
  • The instruction manual.

After buying your glasses, how do you use it?

How to use the Luminette light therapy glasses

Luminette is mostly designed to be used for 20-30 minutes per day in the morning. But, here is a step by step guide on how to use the luminette 3 light therapy glasses.

  1. The charging port is located on the left side of the glass. For initial use, charge the luminette light therapy glasses for 5 hours.
  2. Remove the blue film covering the class
  3. Pressing the on/off button once turns the glasses on.
  4. Place the luminette light therapy glasses above your eyes, closer to your eyebrows. You can use a mirror for proper positioning. Make sure your eyes are still visible and you can still see even with the glasses on.
  5. You can then proceed to select the intensity of the light by pressing the on/off button several times. These are the 3 intensity options available to you.
    • For 45 minutes of use, intensity = 500 lux.
    • For 30 minutes of use, intensity = 1000 lux.
    • For 20 minutes of use, intensity = 1500 lux.
    • So, the longer you use it, the less intense the light is. The shorter you use it, the more intense the light is.
  6. When your training session is over, the luminette light therapy glass will blink 3 times to indicate that training is over. Unlike the pegasi 2 light therapy glasses that shuts off automatically when training is over, this luminette light therapy glass stays on after training is over. Why does the glasses stay on after your session ends? So that you can extend your training session if you desire so.
  7. Finally, press and hold the power for about 3 seconds to turn off the luminette light therapy glasses. Repeat this process everyday for effective results.

Let’s explore some of the upsides and downsides of the Luminette light therapy glass

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PROS of Luminette Light Therapy Glass

We love light therapy glasses because they’re so convenient to use. Like other models, the Luminette 3 doesn’t impede your vision when using them. You’ll still be able to use your regular glasses and contacts without problem.

We also love how the Luminette 3 allows you to remain mobile. They’re perfect to wear when getting ready for work in the morning or after you get home from work late at night.

The Luminette 3 has been certified as a zero-risk device according to the European Standard IEC 62471 on photobiological safety.

Should you have any problems with the product, Luminette offers a great refund policy.

Overall, the pros of the luminette 3 light therapy glass comes down to…

  • It helps people with wrecked sleep schedule to get back on track.
  • It helps people who are not morning persons.
  • It is portable and allows you to get your light while on the move
  • It helps to improve your overall mood
  • It has different settings for different amounts of light
  • It is easy and convenient to use
  • You can avoid sitting in front of a light box

Cons of Luminette Light Therapy Glass

I wish the Luminette 3 was adjustable to fit different head sizes. While the sizing is standard and should fit most heads, it’s made to fit the average American. If you have a really small head, they may slide a bit. Luckily any eyeglass strap will fit the Luminette 3.

The only other con we found is that you’ll have to charge the Luminette 3 upon arrival. Not a huge deal since they charge fast. But I wanted to let you know not to expect to be able to use them right away.

Overall, the cons come down to..

  • It may not work for everybody
  • The nose guard can be easy to lose
  • It may not be the most durable light glasses.

Personal Summary of the Luminette Light Therapy Glasses

When I was using the luminette light therapy glasses, they felt weird at first but quickly started feeling normal about it. I was able to wear it while working on my computer and writing articles like this one. They felt very comfortable and didn’t block my view too much.

Even when I cranked up the light intensity to 1500 lux, I wasn’t bothered by the light. I wake up in the morning, put this on for about 20 minutes, and then move on with my day. When I put on this glasses and close my eyes, it feel as if I am outside on a bright summer day.

Overall, I think this light therapy glass is a more convenient option over light therapy boxes especially for people with seasonal affective disorder. It is portable and a solid product with 2 year warranty.

The Luminette 3 is a great upgrade to the Luminette 2. They’re slightly more powerful while being even lighter and thinner.

If you already have the Luminette 2, it’s probably not worth upgrading to the Luminette 3. However, if you’re looking to get your first pair for yourself or as a gift for someone, go with the Luminette 3.

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