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If you have been on the search for something that will help you sleep better, feel energized, beat jet lag, while being fashionable, then you have come to the right place. This is a thorough review of the pegasi 2 smart light therapy glass.

We will cover some of it’s benefits, technical specifications, how to use it, the pros and cons, and eventually, I will give you my personal summary of the pegasi 2 smart light glass.

Let’s start by looking at the key benefits of the pegasi 2 smart light therapy glass.

Key benefits of the Pegasi 2 Smart Therapy Light Glass

It helps you to sleep better

The pegasi 2 is really designed to help better your sleep. If you have experienced sleeping problems such as fatigued morning, sleep-wake inversion, hard to fall asleep, easy to wake up, and irritability, then you have to give the pegasi 2 a try.

So, how exactly does pegasi 2 help you with sleep? It improves your sleep quality by regulating your biological clock and sleep cycle. Pegasi sleep session is designed to adjust your melatonin secretion levels so that you can have better sleep quality. Better sleep quality leads to a more productive work day.

I am a shift worker and I know from personal experience that being a shift worker disrupts your sleep cycle. So, having something that you can rely on to help you sleep whenever you need it is an absolute game changer. And that, is what pegasi is designed to do.

If you suffer from sleep problems like insomnia, just using pegasi light therapy glasses for 7 days can really help to regulate your circadian rhythm.

Pegasi 2 smart glasses boosts your energy and helps you to feel energized

If you are fatigued in the middle of the day, using pegasi light therapy glass for 30 minutes can really help to boost your energy. Typically when people experience lack of energy and tiredness, they turn to caffeine.

What if you could do away with the caffeine and instead use light therapy to recover from your tiredness?

Well, that’s exactly the type of problem the pegasi light therapy glass solves. Even just using it for 20 minutes per day can help to boost your energy.

You might have experienced seasonal affective disorder/winter blues which is primarily caused by lack of sunshine. Being exposed to light by using light therapy glasses like pegasi 2 can actually help you recover from seasonal affective disorder/winter blues.

Beating Jet Lag is just another benefit of pegasi 2 light therapy glass.

If you travel a lot, then surely you have experienced jet lag multiple times. Jet lag is usually caused by difference in time zones and long distance flights.

The pegasi therapy light glass can help you to adjust quickly to your new time zone by helping to adjust your internal body clock.

When you are jet lagged, it can be difficult to concentrate. So, having a quick and easy way to recover from jetlag is essential and a must have for any traveler.

It comes with it’s own app and connects via Bluetooth

Pegasi 2 light therapy glass app

The pegasi smart light therapy glasses has their own app that is available in android and iOS. It can be used without the app but for greater enjoyment of the product, you may want to consider using the app.

The app allows you to enable sleep status learning, switch between different modes/programs, set session for light therapy, and have greater control over how you use your pegasi 2 light therapy glass.

The pegasi app and the pegasi 2 glass connects through bluetooth.

Pegasi 2 smart glasses is a multi-purspose use, flexible, lightweight,  fashionable device

You can easily wear the pegasi light therapy glasses around the house while performing daily tasks like watching TV, brushing your teeth, reading newspaper, working at computer, eating, and other things you do at home.

You can also wear this outside, at work, while on the plane, while driving, and most importantly, you can wear them over your own glasses that you already wear.

This glasses are very lightweight so that you don’t have to worry about the size of the glass weighing you down. The product is durable and from my own personal experience, it doesn’t irritate the skin.

The frame for the glasses is collapsible and it comes with a travel case. You can collapse the glasses, put it in your travel case, and take it with you wherever you go.

This glasses comes in 2 colors, jet black and white. So, you can wear this and still look cool. They are not the most fashionable glasses out there, but you don’t look super weird when wearing this. They can easily blend it with your day to day life.

Is the lights in pegasi 2 smart light glass safe?

Yes, yes, and yes!!! Here is why. The lights in pegasi 2 therapy light glasses are free from UV, Infrared, and harmful light wavelengths. The light in pegasi 2 is a blue-green light in the wavelengths that are beneficial to human beings.

How exactly does the light work? The blue-green light in the pegasi light therapy glass enters your retina and send cell activation signal to the suprachiasmatic nucleus.

The suprachiasmatic nucleus controls the hypothalamus and subsequently your melatonin levels. Your melatonin levels affects your ability to sleep well and your energy levels.

So, you have seen the benefits of using pegasi 2 smart light therapy glasses, but, how do you actually use it?

How to use the Pegasi 2 smart therapy light

How to use the Pegasi 2 smart light glasses.

How to turn on the Pegasi 2 light glasses

To use the glasses, simply double tab the power button on the right frame of the glass to turn it on or off. After 30 minutes of use, the glass turns off automatically. The built in battery of the pegasi therapy glass can last up to 7 days on one full charge. It is advised to fully charge your pegasi 2 smart light glasses before you use it for the first time.

How to use the Pegasi 2 smart glass APP

The app is simple and straightforward to use. To use the app, simply follow this steps.

  • Download the app
  • Register or sign in
  • Select add device and choose pegasi sleep glasses
  • Click on search glasses and add your glass
  • Finally, pair the glass with the app and choose which session/program to work with.

Now that you know how to use the product, let’s explore the technical specifications that make pegasi 2 smart glasses special.

Key features and technical specifications of Pegasi 2 smart light therapy glass

Battery Capacity 290mAh
Glass MaterialPC + ABS
Battery TypeLithium-ion polymer battery
Color Variety Black/white/pink
Glass Weight 47g or 1.7oz
Batttery life per charge7 days or more
ConnectivityBluetooth and mobile APP
Type of lightBlue-green light in a safe wavelength

Here is a bit more detail about the battery of the pegasi 2 smart therapy light.

Charging the Pegasi 2 smart light therapy glass

While the battery is charging, 3 indicator light will flash to show you that it is charging. This can be charged via a microusb charging port on the glass itself. Charging the pegasi 2 smart glasses to full capacity takes about 70 minutes. The app also shows you the battery level for the glasses. When the battery for the glass is low, the illuminant and indicator light will both flash as a signal to charge the glass.

If you have made it this far  on this post, you might be wondering “what is the catch?” Well, that’s a really good question. Let’s explore the pros and cons of the pegasi smart light therapy glasses.

PROS of Pegasi smart Light Glasses

Pegasi smart light therapy glasses charge quickly
  • They Charge pretty quickly and lasts longer than a week when fully charged.
  • It provides a good night sleep to people suffering from Insomnia
  • It really helps with adjusting the circadian rhythm and sleep cycle after a couple of days of use
  • They Use gentle blue lights as opposed to bright white lights
  • Absolutely Portable and flexible. You don’t have to sit in front of a light box for 30 minutes a day. You can put this on and get moving with your day and they usually don’t fall or slide down your face.
  • Consistent use according to schedule and recommendations leads to better sleep quality, boosted energy, and feeling rested all day long.
  • No pills. One of the great things about using light therapy is that you don’t have to ingest anything like pills to help solve your sleeping or seasonal affective disorder problems.

CONS of Pegasi smart Light Glasses

  • It would be nice to have a hard shell case for the glasses
  • The glasses might be considered a bit bulky for some people
  • There is no guarantee it will work for everybody

Personal Summary of my review of the Pegasi 2 light therapy glasses.

At first, I couldn’t believe the results I was getting with the light therapy glasses. Originally, the idea of light therapy seemed like a placebo effect, like something someone would just make up to sell you crab. But apparently, light therapy is not just used by everyday people like me and you.

Light therapy is also used by NASA and their astronauts because there is not day and night in space.

Doing light therapy really helps the astronaut regulate their internal clock, get better quality sleep, and be able to perform their astronomical duties with a sharp, concentrated, productive mind and body.

If astronauts cannot get enough sleep, then they can’t perform their duties very well. So, if astronauts and NASA are using light therapy to regulate their circadian rhythm, why shouldn’t you?

Pegasi light therapy glasses black edition

I used them the first week and didn’t notice much of a difference. But I kept using them and in the second week, I started noticing a difference in my sleep schedule.

I started falling asleep easily and waking up feeling rested. I stopped using them for a while, until I attended an event that screwed up my sleep schedule.

So, I started using the pegasi light therapy glasses again. Since the therapy glasses is not a drug, I don’t have to worry about getting addicted to them.

I can just use them whenever I feel the need. After about a week of using them regularly between 7 and 9am when I wake up as recommended, then my sleep schedule was back on track. HOLY COW. This thing really do work.

The great thing about this is that you don’t have to continuously use it everyday. But, you have to remember to use it consistently for the first couple of weeks.

Just use it as a tool whenever you need it. After the first couple of weeks, you can stop using them and you will continue to reap the benefits of the pegasi light therapy glasses.

With that said, go here to find out the current price for the pegasi 2 smart light therapy glasses.

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    Do you know what the wavelength nm is for Pagasi?

    From my research, blue is the best for SAD, but this looks turquoise, which may be better for sleep?

    If so, maybe the AYO is best for SAD?


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