Beurer Daylight Lamp with Natural Sunlight Simulation Review

Beurer Daylight Lamp, with Natural Sunlight Simulation Product Image

Beurer Daylight Lamp is different because it is uniquely designed to naturally mimic sunlight and give out not only the same glow that sunlight does but to have the same effect on the skin and mood of a person which sunlight has. The way humans are programmed, there is a rhythm or clock with which we work and once this clock is disrupted, the person may begin to have feelings of moodiness and unhappiness. This rhythm is called the circadian rhythm. The Beurer Daylight Lamp works to reset that rhythm within human and make it possible for humans to sleep well at night and also feel less fatigue and tiredness while conducting different activities during the day.


The Beurer Daylight Lamp does look like a tablet and is portable and can easily be carried around. The designers made it with the vision of being a device that can be packed easily and taken either to work or used at home. The device gives off 10,000 LUX of light energy when it is full blast. It has a small attachment to the side which acts as some kind of little support or stand to make sure that the device can stay propped on itself.

This way you can have the device standing either on a mantel piece or table by itself. Some people do have what is referred to as season affective disorder (SAD) which means that they suffer from mood changes. This can be pronounced especially during the winter period when exposure to sunlight can be few and far within. This device does its best to make sure it dispels all these sorts and kinds of conditions.

The Beurer Daylight Lamp also provides light that is steady and does not at any pint flicker. The light is also free of UV rays which are quite harmful and injurious to the skin. The screen of the Beurer Daylight Lamp is approximately 4.7 inch by 7.9 inch. The stand makes the device able to sit either horizontally or vertically depending on the preference of the user.


Beurer Daylight Lamp and Carrying Case Product Image

The major advantage which the Beurer Daylight Lamp has going for it is the fact that the lamp is portable and does provide very good light for light therapy. The reviews which have been gotten on this lamp from various websites and outlets have been very good. these reviews have kept saying one thing in particular and that is the fact that the product is superb and it has been effective in light therapy. A lot of research has gone into this light therapy box business and it is only fair that a product such as this be the outcome of years of research.


To maintain a life which is very productive and to say the least able to meet up with the various challenges we face on a daily basis, we must be functioning optimally. To do so Beurer Daylight Lamp will help and do endeavor to buy one.

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