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With the very best SAD lamps for light therapy, you’ll be able to easily combat the terrible depression known as Seasonal Affective Disorder. These great little light boxes emit several thousand LUX, allowing you to feel better in as little as 30 minutes per day! SAD lamps have been around for decades and have only gotten better. They are one of the most effective ways of combating S.A.D.

Best Light Therapy Lamps for Seasonal Affective Disorder

Because they’re so popular, a lot of manufacturers have begun making them. How are you supposed to know which is best? That’s where we come in. We’ve sat (literally…) and reviewed all of the very best light therapy boxes available for sale today. It’s been quite the pleasurable experience. Now we’re here to share what we learned with you – in hopes that you’ll start feeling much better!

Best SAD Lamps

1. Northern Light Technologies Boxelite

If you need the best light therapy lamp to combat seasonal affective disorder, the Northern Light Technology Boxelite 10,000 LUX Bright Light Therapy Box will certainly serve you better. This large bright light box with 15″ x 12″ panel provides me with a wide range of diffuse bright light that keeps me comfortable.

Due to its powerful nature, it is recommended for use by doctors to keep the eyes in a good shape. This amazing therapy light allows me to take my best sitting position and still get all the light needed to keep me comfortable.

I use this amazing light source on several occasions such as during work hours as it perfectly fits on my working desk and I also use it on the breakfast table to supply the whole family with sunny glow. This clinician-recommended light source offers at least 20 minutes of effective light therapy in a day.

What We Liked About it – what thrill me most in this light source is its durability and impressive functions. I have used it for several years and it still looks sharp and functioning perfectly. Also, I like its amazing design that makes it fit for different occasions. It is reliable to use with no flicker and it is electronically powered.

2. Carex Day-Light Classic Plus Bright Light Therapy Lamp

This is an amazing sad light therapy lamp that I gladly recommend to you for comfort. Carex Day-Light Classic Plus offers me the recommended 100,000 LUX of customizable and glare-free white light for enhanced vision during work or other activities such as breakfast, reading, etc.

I like this light source because it is flicker-free and I can easily adjust the stand for optimal results. Light therapy is recommended by most health centers because it protects you from UV and gives you comfort. My Day-Light therapy lamp has two light settings to help me customize my therapeutic treatment, with limited warranty included.

I feel energized during the day while using this light source, which makes my night’s rest a splendid one. With this light therapy lamp, any symptoms of jet lag, Winter Blue, circadian sleep disorder and shift adjustment will be relieved.

What We Liked About It – Day-Light Classic Plus Therapy lamp offers complete treatment for Winter Blues. It also does a great job for me in combating jet lag, low energy, circadian sleep disorder, and shift work adjustment. The light source from this therapeutic lamp is natural, safe, flicker-free and effective.

3. Verilux HappyLight Full-Size Therapy Lamp

The design of this energy lamp gets me excited when placed on my working desk or use it for other purposes. It has a compact size and can easily fit on any platform. VeriLux Happy Light 10,000 LUX does not flicker, and the light emanating from it is natural and safe.

I can conveniently customize the light through the high or low setting to my preference. I enjoy 10,000 Lux UV free light, which helps to improve my mood and boost my circadian rhythm for improved sleep. I was looking for the best light box to improve my vision and my GP recommended this for me.

I use this device for about 30 in the morning and it has 2 easy to setup no glare lenses for comfort and high energy. This efficient energy light uses just 36 Watts to produce about 300 Watts of natural spectrum daylight.

What We Liked About It – what I liked about this energy box is its portable and sleek design that makes it fits in any platform. It helps to boost my mood and energy level and doesn’t flicker at all. It also prevents harmful ultraviolet rays from reaching me and enhance my sleep.

4. Aura Day Light Lamp

It is almost impossible not to mention Aura Day Light Therapy Lamp in natural sunlight lamp reviews. The clinical strength of this light box is what makes me amazed – 10,000 Lux of natural bright light that relieves me from circadian sleep disorder, winter blues, shift work adjustment, low energy and jet lag.

The patented technology of Aura Daylight gives me full control of light therapy treatment and has light settings that supplies a minimum output of 3,500 and maximum of 10,000 Lux. The fact that I can adjust the settings up to about 80 degrees for comfortable positioning makes me joyed.

Aura Daylight Lamp is ETL and FCC certified which makes it a safe device to use. The built-in timer allows for additional flexibility and automatically shut off itself when the therapeutic treatment is complete. I can easily mount this therapy light on the wall and the stand is foldable for easy storage.

What We Liked About It – The built-in timer gives me the chance to set it at 10 minute intervals from 60 to 10 minutes and automatically shuts off after the completion of treatment. This device is ETL and FCC certified which makes it safe for my health. Its design is something to write home about because it fits perfectly on my working desk.

5. Nature Bright SunTouch Plus Light

This is one of the best light therapy lights I have seen in a while. It is made of plastic material with an amazing design that makes it perfect on different platforms. It supplies high intensity light therapy of 10,000 Lux and negative ion therapy.

NatureBright SunTouch Therapy Lamp does a great job in alleviating my Seasonal Affective Disorder and the ion therapy offers me an automatic antidepressant function within a few days of use. What makes this light box exciting is that it balances my body clock, leaving me feeling refreshed, rested and nourished generally.

My family loves the sunny effect it gives during breakfast and it emits a fragrance that soothe my mood. The fact that it emits 17,000 Kelvin UV free light makes it safe for my health.

What We Liked About It – With the ion therapy features that comes with this device, I feel very energized and happy within a few days of use. The body clock and the nice fragrance also makes me feel refreshed, nourished, rested and boost my mood. It is safe to use thanks to its 17,000 Kelvin ultraviolet free light.

6. Sphere Gadget Technologies Lightphoria Lamp

This sad therapy light reviews all the exciting features present in a light box. Sphere Gadget Technologies Lightphoria does excellently in improving my vision quality. It worked with an array of 72 LED light that offers 10,000 Lux of wide spectrum white light – it stimulates natural sunlight with no any harmful ultraviolet rays. I place it about 15 inches away from me while I work in the office, eat breakfast, read, watch TV, or get set for work in the morning.

All I need is 20-30 minutes of this light every morning to enhance my energy level and regulate sleep pattern. This device has a compact design with a tilt-rear stand, intensity level settings, and programmable timer that automatically shuts off when therapeutic treatment is complete.

I can conveniently carry Lightphoria on trips in a nylon travel pouch thanks to its lightweight and portable design. The light produced by this light box is flicker free and does not emit heat, thus making it safe for my family.

What We Liked About It – This energy lamp is on another level when it comes to therapeutic light source. I can easily regulate the intensity of the light to suit my need and its compact design and lightweight makes it convenient to carry from one location to another. It is UV free thus making it safe for my family.

7. Verilux HappyLight Liberty Light Therapy Energy Lamp

VeriLux HappyLight Liberty 7,500 LUX Therapy Energy Lamp is produced by VeriLux, a reputable company that’s known for its high quality products. It would be weird to me if this device is not mentioned in the best sad light box reviews by any reviewer.

HappyLight comes in a compact size, and it supplies natural therapeutic light. I enjoy high intensity light of up to 75,000 Lux ultraviolet free, bright white light therapy with a customized light setting to adjust the intensity to your preferred choice. It comes with two lenses that I can easily interchange for optimal results.

Using this light box at the right time does a great job for me by enhancing my mood and resetting my circadian rhythm for better sleep. This therapy light can be used for reading, breakfast or office work. Its lightweight design makes it convenient to transport from one place to another.

What We Liked About It – The fact that this outstanding therapy light lamp improves my mood and sleep makes it a nice choice for me. Light intensity can easily be controlled to suit my needs and its compact design and lightweight makes it convenient to carry on trips.

8. Circadian Optics Light Therapy Lamp

I have used different sad therapy lamps in the past, but I must say the Circadian Optics Lumos Light Therapy Lamp has something spectacular. This light can fit in anywhere because its design is exquisitely slim and lightweight.

It also comes with LED lights that have a 50,000-hour lifespan, which means I will never have to change expensive sad light bulbs ever again. This device produces wide spectrum light of 5500 Kelvin, making it one of the highest light output to get. Each time I use this amazing device, it feels to me like I’m enjoying natural sunlight.

Once this therapy is done each day, I feel so energized and happy throughout the day. The 10,000 Lux of bright light produced is ultraviolet free and helps to improve my mood and sleep.

What We Liked About It – The design of this device is the first thing that thrills me in it. Also, knowing fully well that I will not have to replace expensive bulbs makes it a win-win case for me. I feel a significant improvement after just 2-3 days of using this light therapy lamp which makes it highly recommendable for other users.

9. Beurer IL50 Infrared Heat Lamp

If you are in search of the best light lamp that will sever you maximally, I will boldly recommend Beurer Daylight Lamp to you. What makes this device outstanding is its large illumination surface of about 4.7″ to 7.9″, thanks to LED technology.

I enjoy how this device brightens up my cloudy days with light simulated to natural sunlight with an intensity of 10,000 Lux. After a few days of using it, it helped to reduce the effects associated with jet lag, seasonal time changes, shift work and winter blues. The light that emanates from the panel is flicker free and ultraviolet free, making it safe for my health.

It is ideal for use on desk or while traveling by putting it in a portable pouch. Its adjustable stand gives me the options of positioning it vertically or horizontally.

What We Liked About It – it helps to brighten my cloudy day with natural light of 10,000 Lux and helps to combat effects associated with jet lag, shift work, winter blues and seasonal time changes. Its portable and lightweight features makes it convenient to carry around.

10. Verilux HappyLight VT10 Light Therapy Lamp

This another great product from VeriLux that comes in a compact and sleek design. I enjoy the spectrum light therapy of this device because it is safe, comfortable and natural.

With a moderate 5000 Lux produced, it helps to boost my mood and reduce the sleep-challenge by resetting my circadian rhythm. The light output from this device does not flicker and it’s free from dangerous ultraviolet rays making it safe health wise.

With a weight of just 1.5 lbs, I can conveniently carry it to a different location, and its portable size makes it great for small spaces.

What We Liked About It – The compact design and lightweight of this device is something to reckon with. I can easily take it with me to wherever I go without any stress. The therapy light from VeriLux HappyLight Liberty Lamp is safe, natural and comfortable – doesn’t flicker and UV free. The 5000 Lux intensity light helps to boost my mood and reduce sleep disorder by resetting circadian rhythm.

How We Choose The Best Light Therapy Boxes In Our List

With different manufacturers of light therapy boxes available today, getting the best product requires more effort. You might have come across different stories online about the best sad lamp reviews, but I tell you, getting a real life experience with it is far better. Below are some real life factors I considered before coming out with this list:


This is the number factor I deem necessary in a light therapy box. Its intensity is measured in LUX and it talks about how the eyes perceive the brightness of light. The typical range of LUX is between 2,500 and 10,000. The higher the intensity, the lower the time you will need to spend with the light therapy lamp for treatment.

Full Light Spectrum

Although this is an optional factor, light therapy boxes with full light spectrum are always better and more effective.

Full spectrum talks about the wavelength of the light ranging from infrared to close-to ultraviolet.


There are different models of light therapy boxes and most of them come in different sizes. Going for extremely small surface may not give you the required amount of light for your eyes, and buying big or bulky one will not be too convenient. Therefore going for moderate sizes that offer all necessary functions in the right proportion is the best.

Ultraviolet Light Free

Since UV light is not a nice treatment solution for depression, jet lag or pains, all the therapy lamps on the list are UV light free. Ultraviolet light can be harmful to health.

Why You Need Light Therapy Boxes

Light therapy box is a device used for treating seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and other related conditions by exposing the eyes to artificial light. This condition (SAD) is a kind of depression that affects people at a certain time of the year, usually during winter or in the fall.

When treating SAD, you sit or work close to the light therapy box which supplies bright light that is as natural as outdoor sunlight.

Some people who are very sensitive to light and living or working in areas with dim light may feel better through increased exposure to conventional room light. However, research from various studies show that majority of the people suffering from SAD and winter doldrums need to be exposed to light levels that’s much higher than the normal indoor lamps or other forms of light at home. Such therapeutic light levels (as measured in foot-candles or Lux by light meters) are 5 to 20 times higher than the typical indoor light you receive at home or office.

Light therapy does a very crucial job on health and boost your overall efficiency in work place. This therapy has a way of affecting brain chemicals associated with sleep and mood, thereby easing SAD symptoms. Apart from improving your mood and sleep, light therapy may also be important for other forms of sleep disorders, depression and other mental conditions. Other names for light therapy are phototherapy and bright light therapy.

Also, some people report improvement when they spend more time exposed to the sun. For majority, however, they get the best therapeutic effect when they are exposed to artificial bright light in early hours of the day (for example, 6:30 a.m.) especially during long winter nights when outdoors is still quite dark.

Researchers at different clinics and medical centers in the U.S. as well as abroad have recorded a high rate of success with light therapy. They discovered that people suffering from SAD for several years saw a significant improvement via the use of light therapy. You begin to see improvement within a week of using this light box, and symptoms usually comes back in almost the same amount of time when the therapy is stopped. It is therefore necessary that a consistent usage of light therapy is carried during winter until the end of April when outdoor light is enough to maintain high energy and good mood.

If light therapy boxes aren’t working for you, try out some of our Red Light Therapy Devices or Light Therapy Glasses!

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