Aura Day Light Therapy Lamp Review

Aura Day Light Therapy Lamp, 10,000 Lux Product Image

This Aura day light therapy lamp is a lamp that has gotten awards and scored very high marks for design and beauty. The shape, beauty and design of the lamp is such that it has won awards for this beauty piece of innovation. The lamp is a light therapy lamp like the name suggests and it is very effective in its use. It has features which are enviable and is also beautiful to look at.


This Aura day light therapy lamp has features which other lamps which are in the same class with it can really be jealous of. Firstly, it provides 10,000 LUX energy of broad spectrum light through the lamps. This is a very powerful lamp. The lamp also has the added feature of having an adjustable LUX tab. This means that users of this lamp can control the amount of power and energy that this light gives off.

This is important and is part of the reasons why this lamp got very high marks and even an award for its design. This Aura day light therapy lamp also has a stand on which is sits nicely.

The Aura day light therapy lamp has the ability to rotate. The user can rotate the angle if the lamp until it is at an angle which is suitable for his use. The design of the Aura day light therapy lamp is such that the designers had in mind the fact that it can be used anywhere. It is designed for use in public places and also in the home. The Aura day light therapy lamp has gotten very good reviews and people have fallen in love with it.


Using the Aura Day Light Therapy Lamp

Researches and double blind reviews which have been conducted by medical experts has come out to say categorically that light therapy is better and more effective than the use of drugs or supplements against winter blues. Winter blues is a feeling of depression and unease which people feel when they suffer from long hours of going without adequate sunlight.

The Aura day light therapy lamp has been seen to be very effective against winter blues and users of this product have all be unanimous in saying that this product is the real deal and actually does perform the function for which it was designed. People who began to use the Aura day light therapy lamp after a while reported that they felt a dramatic change in their bodies with strength of focus and power of concentration increasing within them.

They found out that they were more productive and better that doing their jobs when they began to make use of this product.


Some people complain that having light of high intensity shone at them causes unease, jumpiness and headaches. Aura day light therapy lamp has solved that problem by having knobs for adjusting the power and intensity of the light. Do buy one today and you will be glad that you did.

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